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The  diet is a 40 day series of daily subcutaneous injections along with a low calorie diet. hCG is correctly known as human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a natural substance produced by the placenta of pregnant women. Its function is to convert stored fat in the mother's fat cells into energy for the growing fetus.

Fat is a carbohydrate. Once the carbohydrates in your diet have been used up, the stored body fat will be used by your metabolism to generate energy.

When consuming hCG, it breaks down your “bad stored fat” into energy.  HCG tells your brain that you are full; therefore you are not hungry. In doing that, your metabolism will rapidly use up your carbohydrate stores, and when no more are available [because you are consuming a very low calorie diet] your metabolism turns to your "Bad Stored Fat" for energy. You will see rapid weight loss and inch reduction, while experiencing more energy.

Prescription hCG will only burn “bad stored fat”. With other diets "bad fat"is the last fat to be burned and only as a last resort. HCG will not burn your muscle mass which causes sagging etc; such as starvation diets do, fake hCG products, gastric bypass and lap band do. On these diets muscle is the first thing to go! Bad fat the last to go!

By melting the bad excess body fat from around your muscles you are left looking leaner, healthier and younger. Your metabolism will run faster and you will have more energy.

Cravings and addictions to bad sugars, fats and carbs will dissipate, replaced by the desire to consume healthy foods.


Doctor Visit

40 day prescription & supplies


1 bottle of  approved spice

Diet guideline manual

Maintenance instructions

Personal training prior to diet

24/7 live support during & after... $364

Average female loss  25 to 35 lbs

Average male loss   35 to 45  lbs

We are not a pharmacy and do not mix cheap powdered hCG on site. Our hCG is by Dr. prescription from a "sterile compounding pharmacy". Consumers beware and always know what you are getting from the cheaper places as we keep all our prices as low as possible to be able to help everyone.


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