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New Age Skincare Spa 
The place to relax and unwind 
Express European  Facial     45
Classic European Facial       60
Dermaplaning                        60
Acne Relief  Facial                 60
*IMAGE O2 Oxygen Lift        125
*IMAGE  Signature Face Lift   60
*Organic  Peel    60   safe for teens and new-moms-to-be
*Acne Lift              60
*Beta Lift               60

**Lightening Lift    60      Level II   85
**Wrinkle Lift         60      Level II   85
***The IMAGE Perfection Lift   150 each               
  Perfect Lift is a 3 peel series~at three week interval
*Microderm-Plus                      75
 personalized just for you

       Peel Levels: 
    * lite and refreshing 
    **Medium / possible flaking 
   ***Heavy Peeling and shedding

 Facial Enhancements: 
Head   Massage                  20
Specialty Masque                12
Chemical Peel  starting        25 
Heated foot treatment          10
Heated hand treatment        10
Relaxing foot massage         20      

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rwhen it comes to WAXING Aestheticians do it better!

Brow maintenance                    10
Brow sculpting and shaping    15
Brow tweezing                           15
Lip or Chin                                  10
Nose or Ears                               10
Cheeks                                        12
Under arms                                 15
Arms                                            35
Back or Chest [start]                 35 
Half legs                                      35
Full legs                                      55
*Bikini                                          25
*Brazilian                                     60
*hair should be no longer than 1/2 inch

Prices are approximate and performed at Aesthetician's discretionboetore m